British P1796 Napoleonic Wars Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre

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The 1796 Light Cavalry Trooper's sabre is one of the most prized British army swords.

Many 1796 Light Cavalry trooper swords were made without maker marks and sold directly to regiments. This was common practice at the turn of the 18th Century. It was left to the regimental chiefs to decide if and how to mark their swords. This was the case even when the War Department had sourced their swords and at times of conflict, withholding weaponry for marking purposes was hardly a priority.

This un-marked English P1796 Cavalry Trooper’s sabre is almost certainly of Napoleonic Wars production.

The 820mm single edged blade has been service sharpened and retains its sharpness. The edge has numerous small nicks consistent with fighting use. The blade is in generally good condition with an even salt & pepper age patina and is firm in the hilt. The ribbed wooden hilt is missing its leather and twisted wire.

Over-all this is a good example of a desirable Napoleonic Wars issue Light Cavalry sabre.