British P1899 Boer War Cavalry Troopers Sabre by Wilkinson

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Boer War Cavalry Trooper’s sabre by Wilkinson of London with matching scabbard.
The 850mm slightly curved blade has a broad single fuller on both sides and is in excellent condition with its point intact. Many swords of this type were either downgraded to practice weapons or were passed on to the Yeomanry cavalry units after the war and had their points rounded. The blade was sharpened for service and retains its edge.
The ricasso bears the War Department arrow and bend test marks and a Wilkinson inspection mark. The obverse ricasso has two Wilkinson inspection stamps, the date “11 ‘00” for November 1900 and the maker’s name, “Wilkinson London.” The spine of the blade bears the pattern stamp “99” and another Wilkinson inspection stamp.

The bowl guard has a pleasing pale grey patina. The war department broad arrow and a Wilkinson inspection stamp are stamped on the outside of the guard. The inside of the bowl bears a stamp “5.01.”

The leather grip scales are in good condition.

The matching steel scabbard is in excellent condition without dents or damage and has a lovely patina. The scabbard is clearly marked on the throat with “5.01,” a Wilkinson inspection stamp and the date stamp “”00.” The left-hand mounting ring is stamped with the pattern designation “P 99.” Further down on the flat edge of the scabbard is an additional date stamp “00.” The scabbard is also stamped on the drag. The sabre sheaths and draws beautifully and is held firmly with no rattle or play.

This is a beautiful example of a Boer War British cavalry trooper’s sabre in very good condition for its age and service.