British William IV P1821 Light Cavalry Sabre

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This scarce P1821 British Light Cavalry sabre bears the Royal Cypher of King William IV, dating it to between June 1830 and June 1837.

The 84 cm, slightly curved, pipe back blade is single edged with a quill point. The first 24 cm of the top edge are also sharp. The blade was sharpened for action.

The blade is in excellent condition with only mild age related tarnish. It is undecorated apart from King William's crowned Royal cypher above laurels which is crisply etched about a third of the way down the blade on both sides.

The ricasso bears the maker's name "Firmin & Sons -153- Strand, London."� Firmin and Sons are one of the oldest manufacturers and retailers of military swords and uniforms in the world and were a royal favourite in the 18th and 19th centuries. The company still has the Royal Warrant today.
The obverse ricasso is blank.

The steel three-bar cavalry guard is in good condition with mild pitting and tarnish. The plain steel back strap, with slightly raised, lozenge shaped thumb section is finished with a stepped oval pommel and peened tang.

The grip is strong and secure with wear to the shagreen and old repairs. The shagreen has worn through to the wood in some small areas. The three strands of twisted copper wire are intact and tight. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The steel scabbard is in good condition and holds the sword well. The scabbard is without damage or dents and has an all-over salt and pepper patina.

This is a fine example (with an above average blade) of a rare light cavalry sabre bearing the cypher of a king who only reigned for seven years.