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This late 19th or early 20th Century Burmese Dha has decorative silver metal inlay to the blade and is signed by the maker.
The heavy, 535mm forged blade has a very sharp single edge and terminates in a hatchet point. The bevelled spine is 9.3mm thick at the shoulder with a distal taper down to 2mm at the point. The blade has a very thin fuller below the spine above a second, wider fuller. Both fullers run almost to the point. The beginning of the fuller on both sides has a 140mm decorative panel of inlaid silver metal on a cross-hatched background. On one side, the maker’s name is inlaid above the floral/foliate design and bordered with twin diagonal copper lines. The obverse decoration is similar with what is probably the forging date inlaid above the floral design.
The sharp blade is in great condition with small forging marks and faint scratches along the blade consistent with use.
The blade is held firmly in its white metal and hardwood hilt. The white metal has a design of flowers and rayed lines and is in good condition. The pommel of the hilt contains some small stones that rattle when the sword is wielded.
The sword is complete with its hardwood scabbard with brass mounts. The scabbard is in great condition and the sword sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within.
This is an excellent example of a turn of the century Burmese Dha signed and dated by the maker.


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