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The scarce model 1816 Cuirassier trooper’s sword is similar to the previous Mle AN XI. The main differences being the grip, slight changes to the four-bar guard, pommel cap and the longer, spear-pointed blade with a rounded spine, although many Model 1816 utilised the earlier AN XI blade which was around 45mm shorter and has a flat spine. Have a look at the Blog section of the website for a fuller comparison between the two swords.

This excellent example of a “true” Mle 1816 was produced by the Klingenthal armoury in 1820.

The 998mm straight, single edged blade is of the rare “true” 1816 design, having a rounded spine and twin fullers that continue to the spear point. The blade was made at the Klingenthal factory in February, 1820 and the spine is clearly engraved with these details. The forte of the blade bears the clearly struck poincon of François Louis Lobstein, Jean Joseph Cécile Bureau, and Jean Georges Bick. The blade is in excellent condition.

The four barred guard is stamped with the issue/rack number 950 and inspection marks on the knuckle bow and beaked quillon. The leather wrapped grip is in very good condition and retains its original leather without the twisted brass wire.

The sword is complete with its iron 1816 pattern scabbard. The throat of the scabbard bears the poincon of Jean Georges Bick. The scabbard is in very good condition, free from dents or damage and with only mild age related speckling and some very shallow pitting.

This is a great example of a rare “true” 1816 pattern French heavy cavalry sword made over 201 years ago.


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