French Model 1822 light Cavalry Sabre. Chatellerault 1877

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This is a fantastic example of the iconic French Light Cavalry sabre Model 1822, made by the Chatellerault armoury.

The 916mm single-edged Montmorency blade has a broad, flat spine with a wide, shallow fuller running for 725mm of its length. The fuller is rounded at the ricasso, dating the blade to post-1860. A shorter, narrow fuller runs immediately below the spine. The blade has a pronounced curvature of around 36mm and terminates in a hatchet point.  The blade is in excellent condition with only a few tiny spots of tarnish. The edge is service sharpened and the blade is firm in the hilt.

The blade retains its post 1840, thick leather washer which is firmly in place and conceals the inspection poincon. The spine is engraved with the armoury details and date of manufacture, 1877 followed by the pattern designation, model 1822.  The engraving is worn.

The brass three-bar guard is in excellent condition. The knuckle bow has several worn stamps that have been polished out over the years. The number 0929 is stamped at the rear of the knuckle bow. The leather and twisted brass wire are in great condition.

The sword is complete with its polished steel scabbard with single suspension ring and asymmetrical drag. The scabbard is in excellent condition. The throat of the scabbard bears some worn stamps and the number 37. The suspension ring band is stamped with the number 1019. The sword draws and sheathes smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is a very fine Model 1822 Light Cavalry sabre. A truly impressive example of the iconic French sword.


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