French Model 1872 Medical Officers Epee Sword

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This French Model 1872 epee is badged for a medical officer, bearing the rod of Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine on the facing side of the guard.

The 810mm double-edged epee-style blade has twin narrow fullers and terminates in a bodkin-like spear point. The blade is in near mint condition and retains its original washer.

The brass guard wears the badge of a French medical officer – the Rod of Asclepius surrounded by a wreath comprising laurels on the right and oak leaves on the left. This may indicate a senior medical officer. The folding section of the guard locks in place when folded and is released by depressing a sprung steel ball. The brass D-guard incorporates a cross-piece and trumpet quillon. The grip is of hardwood, bound in cloth and wrapped with strands of silver wire. The wire is loose (probably due to shrinkage of the wood) but appears to be intact. The grip terminates in a ball pommel with top nut. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The sword is complete with its plated steel scabbard. The scabbard is in very good condition with speckles of tarnish to the plating and a small area of shallow pitting below the suspension band. The sword sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.