German WW1 Prussian Artillery Officers Sabre M1873

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German M1873 WW1 Prussian artillery officer’s Sabre.

The 770mm broad, curved blade has a flat spine with a wide single fuller on both sides and tapers to a spear point with a 250mm upper false edge. The blade is 30mm wide at the ricasso and is etched with trophies of arms, including cannons, crossed sabres and flags amidst oak leaves, acorns, laurels and foliate panels. The etching differs on each side. The spine is etched with laurel leaves. The blade is in good condition with some cleaning scratches and speckles of tarnish amongst the etchings. The width and weight of the blade suggests that this was more than just an officer’s dress sword. Enlisted artillery men were issued very similar swords that were intended for use as a primary weapon in defence of the battery.

The steel “P” guard, quillon and back-strap are bright and clean. The wooden, leather covered grip is in good condition with use related wear and loss to the leather on one side. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The black painted steel scabbard is in generally good condition with pitting on the lower section. In 1910, regulations required that all scabbards be blackened. This, along with the single fixed suspension ring help date the sabre to post 1910. The sabre sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is a good example of a World War 1 Prussian artillery officer’s fighting sabre.


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