Hungarian M1892 Royal Hungarian Gendarmerie Sword. WW2 Nazi Occupation Gendarmes Hanger. #2104025

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This rare short sword is the model 1892 hanger of the Royal Hungarian Gendarmerie. The Royal Hungarian Gendarmerie was established in 1881.

During World War Two, under the Nazi regime, the gendarmerie played a key role in the ghettoization and deportation of Hungarian Jews. The gendarmes carried out this task mercilessly. After WW2, the gendarmerie was declared a criminal organization and dissolved.

This Model 1892 Gendarmerie hanger was made in 1940 and would have seen service during WW2.

The 652mm, slightly curved blade has a flat spine above a ¾ length, broad single fuller on each side. The spine tapers to a 210mm upper edge with the blade terminating in a hatchet point. The single edge has been service sharpened and has several small nicks. The blade is double-edged for the last 210mm and is in very good condition. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The ricasso is stamped with the Roman numeral II and the number 923. The obverse ricasso is stamped with a maker’s mark which is over stamped with the numbers 252 and 312. The blade collar bears a worn stamp.

The polished steel guard is in great condition. The bottom of the knuckle bow is stamped with the date stamp, 40 (1940). The facing side of the grip ferrule is stamped with a heraldic shield, probably a government ownership/inspection stamp. The top of the oval grip ferrule is stamped with the date, 40. The steel back strap bears a heraldic shield stamp. The steel of the hilt is in excellent condition. The shagreen covered grip is in very good condition with mile age and use related wear to the shagreen.

The sword is complete with its black painted steel scabbard with a heart-shaped frog stud and ball finial. The scabbard has some small, use related dings but is in overall very good condition. The sword sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is a very good example of a rare Hungarian Gendarmerie sword dating to the WW2 Nazi occupation and a dark period in the Royal Hungarian Gendarmerie’s history.


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