Indian Sirohi Tulwar. 19th Century Narrow Curved Sword

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Indian tulwar come in a variety of blade shapes and hilt patterns. This 19th Century tulwar is known as a “Sirohi,” named after the southern Rajasthan state in which they were made. Sirohi are characterised by their narrow, curved blades with a hard temper.

The 756mm narrow, curved blade has a flat spine and terminates in a spear point. The blade is in good condition with some minor age and use related marks. The edge has an “apple seed” grind and is sharp.

The steel hilt is of baluster form with distinctive cusped quillons to the crosspiece and incorporates a knuckle bow with a scrolled terminal. The long, spade languets have incised decoration. The hilt has some minor casting marks and a pattern of incised marks around the rivet. The floating disc pommel has casting marks and incorporates a radial sun disc and faceted skull crusher pommel stud. The blade is held firmly in the hilt by both the traditional resin and a rivet.

This is a good example of a state armoury made Sirohi that would have been issued to both infantry and cavalry.


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