Indo-Persian 18th Century Firangi Sword.

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A very impressive 18th Century Indo-Persian fighting Firangi. The name Firangi means “foreign.” The name was given to this type of sword because it often utilised traded or captured foreign made blades that were then mounted in the Indian basket hilt.

Firangi swords typically have a long, 890 to 960 millimetre (35 to 38 inches) straight blade. The blade can be either double-edged (broadsword) or single-edged (backsword).

This Firangi has an impressively long 1028mm (40.5 inches) single-edged blade. The broad blade has a narrow single fuller below the flat spine and terminates in a spear point. The blade is 43mm wide at the forte, with a spine measurement of 7mm tapering down to 2.5mm at the end of the fuller, which is 240mm before the point. The blade is double-edged for the last 236mm and is in very good condition with only minor tarnish and very shallow pitting at the point and edge. The forte bears a worn maker’s mark on both sides and the blade retains a very sharp edge.

The sword is perfectly balanced, the balance point being just 185mm forward of the Indian style basket hilt. The steel, basket type guard with chiselled decoration has a contoured, floating iron grip through which the tang passes. The grip is held in place by the cup, domed pommel and iconic extended spike that allows the sword to be used double-handed. There is some slight movement in the iron grip.

This is a great example of a sought after Indo-Persian Firangi, dating to the 18th Century and with a longer than usual blade, probably for use from horseback.  


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