Indo-Persian Tulwar Sword. Koftgari Inscription

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This impressive fighting Tulwar has a high quality 765mm single edged blade that retains a very sharp edge.

The broad, curved steel blade has a flat spine and a thin single fuller on both sides. The fuller terminates with three punched dots. The ricasso has a zigzag pattern surrounded by punched dots in clusters of three. This punched decoration was overlaid with a floral pattern in silver koftgari. The blade is in good condition and free of rust. There are edge nicks consistent with use and age related tarnish. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The heavy steel hilt is of baluster form with a domed finial crosspiece and long languets. The hilt has pitting and remnants of its original silver koftgari. The hilt terminates in a disc pommel with koftgari, sun disc and skull crusher pommel stud. The dome of the pommel’s sun disc bears what looks to be a signature or inscription.

This was clearly a high status weapon.


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