Italian M1833 Horse Artillery Troopers Sabre

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This scarce Italian Model 1833 Horse Artillery Trooper’s sabre is in overall great condition for its 180 plus years of age and use.

The single edged blade is broad and slightly curved with a flat spine and wide, shallow fuller on each side. The fuller terminates 10cm from the spear pointed tip. The blade is bright and clean with only minor age and handling related tarnish. The blade’s ricasso bears a maker’s cartouche containing the letters “GC.” The same cartouche appears on the finial of the rear quillon.

The steel hilt has a straight stirrup guard that curves into a flattened and lipped oval pommel with a domed oval tang cap and peened tang. The plain back strap has a vestigial thumb ridge where it joins the langueted crosspiece. The wooden grip is slightly contoured and wrapped with black leather. The leather wrap is intact, as too is the twisted brass wire.

The steel scabbard has a single round, loose ring and an asymmetric chape. The throat of the scabbard is inlet to accommodate the languets.

The scabbard is in overall good condition with slight, even pitting.

This is a hard to find Italian artillery sabre from the first half of the 19th Century. The sabre is similar to (and often confused with) the late 18th Century Hussar's sabre’s from Prussia and Britain.