Italian. Sardinian/Piedmont Model 1847 Naval Cutlass by Holler

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Rare Sardinian/Piedmont (Italian) 1847 naval cutlass based on the French 1830's pattern but with a straighter, broader and heavier blade.

The 67cm single edged blade has a slight curve with a flat spine and spear point. The blade is double-edged for the last 16 cm and both edges were sharpened for action. The blade is wide, measuring 4cm in width.

The blade is in fair condition for its age and service. The blade has been cleaned though it retains an all-over salt and pepper patina with areas of deep pitting. The rust in the deep pits is black and inactive. The ricasso bears the maker's name "A & E Holler" over "Solingen" and the obverse ricasso has an inspection cartouche containing the letters "PC."

The steel bowl guard and ribbed hilt are painted the regulation black colour although it is not the original paint.

Service at sea was very hard on steel. In order to prevent rust and prolong the service life of these weapons the hilts and guards would have been regularly re-painted. Evidence of consecutive layers of black paint can be seen on the inside of the bowl guard.

The condition of this rare cutlass is consistent with its life at sea. I would be suspicious of any naval cutlass that did not show evidence of rust and service.

The antique, heavy-duty leather scabbard accompanying this cutlass is not original to the sword but was clearly made for it.