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This fantastic WW2 Japanese army officer’s sword has a traditionally forged (gendaito) blade that is signed by the maker, Takashi Hisakuni. The blade is presented in World War Two Type 98 army mounts and housed in a brown lacquered a wooden saya.

The traditionally forged blade is in excellent polish and has a 600mm cutting edge (nagasa) so is just katana length. The grain (hada) is very tight, giving what is known as a Muji hada which is an extremely tight itame hada. Looked at with a magnifying glass it resembles pebbles seen through water. The blade has a beautiful hoso-suguha hamon and terminates in a Chu-kissaki.

The tang (nakago) is signed in four characters, Taka Hishi Hisa Kuni. Takashi Hisakuni was a blade smith working in Shinano Province during the early to mid-20th Century.

The WW2 Shin Gunto mounts are in good condition. The brown Ito wrap on the hilt (tsuka) is nice and tight showing mild wear. The copper habaki (blade collar) has a stipled pattern and shows wear commensurate with having had a leather collar which would have secured the blade in the scabbard by means of a strap and press stud. The scabbard (saya) would originally have had a leather field cover. The tsuba (guard) retains most of its gilt finish. There is some small movement in the tsuba which an additional seppa (washer) will correct.

The wooden scabbard (saya) is in good condition with loss of lacquer in patches and minor dings resulting from age and wear. The scabbard could be freshened up and re-lacquered if desired and this is available on request. The blade sheathes nicely and is held firmly within the saya.

This is a great example of a WW2 Japanese officer’s gendaito (traditionally forged) sword with a very well forged blade, mounted in early to middle WW2 koshirae.


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