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Beautiful Japanese Wakizashi signed on the nakago (tang) by the maker; YUKIMITSU 行光 and dating from the early Edo (1603-1867) period, making the blade approximately 400 years old.

The translation of the registration certificate is as follows:

Place of registration: Shizuoka Prefecture
Registration number: 54474
Type: Wakizashi

Hawatari/Blade length: 42.2cm
Sori/Curvature: 0.9cm

Nagasa/Total length: 62.0cm
Mekugi/peg: One

Weight: 616.5g

Signature: YUKIMITSU (Edo Period)
Shizuoka Prefectural Board of Education
Registered Date: February 16 1977

The wakizashi is presented in a high quality shira saya (storage scabbard) with horn inlay around the mekugi ana.

The 422mm blade is in overall very good condition with its original polish and a clear, defined Suguha hamon. My photography and lighting skills do not do the hamon justice. There are a few tiny specks of black tarnish and a few minor scratches consistent with its years as a working sword.

I bought this sword from a Tokyo dealer and imported it into the UK in September 2017. It was in private family ownership prior to its sale to the Japanese dealer. The original registration certificate was retained by the Japanese prefecture when the export license was granted but a photocopy accompanies the wakizashi and is shown in the photographs (black and white copy).

This wakizashi is a fine example of Yukimitsu’s work and is offered for sale for the first time outside of Japan.


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