Japanese WW2 Type 95 NCO Sword. 1941 Imperial Japanese Army Shin Gunto

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100% honest and guaranteed genuine Imperial Japanese Army Type 95 Shin Gunto for non-commissioned officers. The Tokyo First Arsenal produced this sword in 1941.

This sword has a cast aluminium tsuka (hilt) with a 4mm thick plain iron tsuba (guard). The fuchi (collar) is also iron. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941, the Japanese government ordered that production of swords for the military be increased but that costs be cut and materials such as brass and copper be reserved for other war effort projects such as munitions.

The use of iron for the tsuba and fuchi, along with the top latch for securing the sword in the scabbard identifies this as being a third, or middle pattern sword dating to early 1941. After mid-1941, the latch mechanism for securing the sword in the scabbard was moved to the side of the tsuka.

The 67 cm (not including the habaki) machine made blade is in mint condition. The serial number 94768 and a Tokyo First Arsenal stamp are clearly marked above the bohi (fuller). The blade was armoury sharpened and retains its original edge.

The cast aluminium tsuka (hilt) retains its original brown paint. The tsuka is firm on the tang. The scabbard latch is in good condition and works well.

The steel scabbard is in great condition, without dents or damage and retains some original green paint.  The serial number on the throat of the scabbard does not match that of the blade. This is not unusual. When taken as souvenirs, the British and US soldiers would swap a dented or less aesthetically pleasing scabbard for a better condition one. Similarly, swords taken after heroic last ditch charges were often captured without scabbards and one would be found later.

Japanese WWII swords are amongst the most copied/faked of all swords and prospective buyers should beware.

This is a fantastic condition and guaranteed genuine Japanese NCO’s Type 95 sword that was most likely carried by a career soldier.


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