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Very rare Imperial Russian pioneers’ Tesak, model 1834. The Tesak or short sword was issued to pioneers and enlisted men of the foot artillery. The M1834 was the first of the Russian short swords to be stamped with the date of manufacture. This Tesak was made in 1847 and was carried and used in the Crimean conflict (1853 – 1856). The Crimean War saw France and Turkey join forces with the British to fight Russian expansionism. This Tesak has been in private ownership in France since the Crimean War, a bring back from the conflict.
The 485mm heavy steel blade has a broad single fuller on each side, below 60 pairs of saw teeth. The blade terminates in a double-edged spear point. The blade has been service sharpened.
The blade is in very good condition, mostly bright with areas of pale tarnish.
The ricasso is stamped with what looks like the letter F, a capital B and what looks like an encircled number 96 below a punch mark. The obverse ricasso is stamped with what looks to be a capital LI.
The heavy brass hilt is stamped on the cross guard with the manufacture date of 1847 and the obverse bears an encircled B and a number 5 within a circle.
The blade is firm in the hilt.
The sword is complete with a period replacement black leather covered wooden scabbard with brass fittings. The scabbard was originally intended for use with a French Model 1831 Glaive, however, the scabbard is almost identical to the original Russian Tesak scabbard, both being of the same appearance and using the same materials. The Russian scabbard had a frog stud as opposed to a bar. The leather is in good used condition. There is a small area of loss to the stitching just above the brass chape, which can be seen in the photos. The rest of the stitching remains intact and tight.

This is a very good example of a rare Imperial Russian pioneer’s short sword.


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