Russian Model 1881/1909 Dragoon Sabre. Russian Revolution Cossack Shashka 1917

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This is a scarce and guaranteed genuine Imperial Russian model 1909 Dragoon shashka. This shashka was made at the Zlatoust factory in 1917 and would have been one of the last produced prior to the Russian Revolution which began in March 1917.

These sabres were used to devastating effect to quell uprisings within Russia both before and during the Revolution. Prior to the Revolution of 1917, wielding swords of this pattern, the Russians were involved in the only full scale cavalry battle of World War One. This now famous battle between the Austro-Hungarian 4th Cavalry Division and the Russian 10th Cavalry Division was also the last cavalry battle of the 20th Century (making it the last in history) and took place at Jaroslavice, on 21 August 1914.

The 810mm, slightly curved single-edged blade has a flat spine above a single broad fuller. The blade is double-edged for the final 100mm and terminates in an asymmetrical spear point. The ricasso is stamped with the Zlatoust factory mark – a double headed eagle within a circle of Cyrillic letters spelling out the factory name. Beside this is the manufacture date of 1917 and a Cyrillic character. The obverse ricasso bears Russian inspection/acceptance stamps. The blade is in very good condition and is free of rust with only a few small patches of tarnish and very shallow pitting towards the point. The blade was service sharpened.

The brass and wood hilt is in very good condition. The cross-piece of the brass knuckle bow, the grip collar and the pommel all bear factory inspection stamps. The front of the D-guard is stamped with the number 57. The blade is firm in the hilt.

The sword is complete with its scabbard with brass furniture. The sword was worn with the edge facing backward, as indicated by the placement of the single suspension ring. The Dragoon scabbard also includes brass fittings to hold a Mosin Nagant bayonet. The Dragoons tended to operate more as mounted infantry, the bayonets being for dismounted action. The upper section of the scabbard has the number 7 painted in red. This is most probably a rack/weapon number.

The scabbard is in good condition with some loss to the original finish. The top brass bayonet retaining band has been removed - by whom or why is unknown. The sword sheathes and draws smoothly and is held firmly within the scabbard.

This is a well above average example of a scarce Imperial Russian M1881 Dragoon shashka. There are many faked Russian shashka on the market today. This one however is guaranteed to be genuine.


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