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The Swedish Model 1848 fascine knife was originally intended for use by infantry pioneers but its use spread and the popularity of the sword saw it being issued to the navy, coastal artillery and even some police forces.

The 435mm single-edged blade has a thick, flat spine and ends in a spear point. The heavy blade is 55mm wide at the ricasso then narrows to a 40mm waist before widening again to 52mm. The bellied blade is ideal for chopping and cutting and was intended for use in clearing ground as well as being a close quarter weapon. The blade is in excellent condition.

The ricasso is stamped with the maker’s details, Johan Svengren, Eskilstuna. The obverse ricasso is stamped with two inspector’s marks and a struck out unit designation, 2.1.B.B and the weapon number 155.

The sword is complete with its black leather scabbard with brass locket and chape. The leather is in good condition with wear to the original finish and the stitching is intact and tight. The frog bar on the locket is stamped with “3TB” on the right-hand side, “No. 316” on the top and “B” on the left-hand side. The back of the locket is engraved “Lidingö S. S. 1946.” Lidingö is an island in the inner Stockholm archipelago, northeast of Stockholm, Sweden. It is possible that this sword was issued to a coastal battery on the island.

This is an excellent example of a scarce Swedish fascine knife Model 1848, also known as the M1848 Naval cutlass.


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